Decision Making Skills


How to sharpen your decision making skills

Decision making is very important for a solid decision. It exhibits the qualities of a leader where you need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. For a good decision, these things are very important and take a lot of time to understand. There are 5 steps that help you sharpen your decision making skills which are as follows:

  1. Define the problem

Before you even solve a problem you need to understand what the actual problem is. To tackle any problem, write the issues in words before you start solving the problem.

  1. Brainstorm solutions

Once you have defined the actual problem of it, you need to run it through numerous fixes which means that all the good ideas that a person has should be bring forward as it helps a person for a good decision.

  1. Evaluate all the options you have

All the potential plans should always have a weigh where you need to analyze all the pros and cons of it. By finding out numerous options, you will have a better idea how to evaluate these options in a way that it grows and helps you to sharpen your decision making skills. Perhaps, it is another quality of a profound leader!

  1. Putting your plan in Motion

By following your own plan you will be able to devise a strategy for yourself which means that as soon as you can make your plan in motion, it will help you to grow fast and coming up with a better solution too!

  1. Reassess the situation

Reassessing the situation is very important as you need to know if the strategy is working perfectly fine or not, or is it helping in order to solve all the problems or solve all your goals. And, if not then go back to step 3 and re-evaluate your options and come back with a better strategy. It helps you to solve all your problems and come up with a better solution. This all helps in sharpening your decision making skills and helps you to achieve your academic goals for all levels and helps you with your desired grade for your custom thesis.

Decision is an impressive word which takes up a major part of the day which could be something small or something really big. Hence, even the best custom theses requires a decision. Decision making is important and you tend to do that throughout the day by asking yourself questions like what to eat, what to wear, where to go. Similarly a business man or an entrepreneur has to make decisions where he has to think about pros and cons and understanding the situation before he actually makes his mind for a good decision. If you are able to handle day in-out decisions well, only then you are able to sharpen your decision making skills in your professional academic life too.

It is also possible that sometimes you need to make decisions based on your personal experience and judgments or either way you have to think about the problems for hours before you come up to a good decision. You need to think over all the decisions you have previously made and think over it before you come up with a ‘could be’ better decision for the same situation. This helps you to analyze and also helps you to sharpen your decision making skills in the future for your custom dissertation.

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